Glenn Bakalar (Beeton Stingers)

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The BAA took a hit when Glenn Bakalar passed away on Saturday June 8, 2013. Glenn was funny, fun loving and generous to a fault. When he looked at you he made you feel like you were the only one in the room with him even if you weren’t. When he smiled so did his eyes. He was involved with the BAA for many years and filled in positions where needed. His children Lance and Tagey played here when they were younger.

At the time of Glenn’s passing he was our hockey’s Representative Convenor on the board and a Coach for the Minor Midget hockey team.
In 2009 Glenn went back onto a hockey bench coaching the Atom local team with no children on the team. He made all the players feel special with his one on one chats, joking with them and teasing them that there were “no girls during hockey season”. It was a very exciting year for the team from winning tournaments to actually making a deal with the players that if they did win a tournament he’d let them trim his ‘stache’. He was true to his word and the team trimmed that ‘stache’ to the point of it needing a real clean up. His heart was always in it for the kids no matter what. Glenn will be missed by many in our little hockey world. The BAA lost a very good friend.