Stanley Cup (Beeton Stingers)

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The Beeton Athletic Association would like to thank the following people or groups for helping make our Stanley Cup Stop at the Beeton Arena, a very successful event. BAA Members -Pat Cranston, Emily DeNoble, Andrea Wallis, Mardo Worry, Dave Brackett, Tracy Andrews, Debbie Gibson & Eugene Bristow.

Groups -Town of New Tecumseth, Beeton Legion & Thornton Flag Store.

Individuals – Beckey Medcof-Mohner, Sue Pare, Adrea Cerswell, Nancy Smokler, Trish Duller, Jim Gibson, Jamie Gibson, Chris Cranston, Shaun Gannon, Linda Bristow, Joel Crook, Steven Crook, Dan Kelly, Jim Moore, Pete Sandy, Paul Horan, Irene Crumbie, Colleen Dol, Emma Postons, Mark Lespearance, Nick Andrews, Bridget Worry, Dean Worry, Patrick Dol, Doug Pitkin, Richard Norcross, Jim Rutherford, Dorothy Rutherford and our MC Ray Lisk.

Honorable mention to Wayne Carleton and John Gould.

Just another thank you to Ron Pegg and his book, as Ron has graciously donated his earnings from this book to the Beeton Athletic Association.
A very special thank you goes to Jim Rutherford and his family for sharing this special event with the people of Beeton. I had the opportunity to hear the speeches and I very impressed with all the speeches but the one I will remember the best is Jim Rutherford. He probably spoke for about 45 minutes but it seemed like 5 minutes because he told stories that most of us can relate to especially when it deals with parents, siblings, friends, coaches, playing different sports and the best thing was that it was personal. He shared moments with us that I know I will never forget.
Any others- in the event that we missed thanking certain people or groups, we apologize.

It is truly amazing that a small group of people could make this event happen in a short time frame and happen it did.